How to Build a Magnetic Bookmark Bouquet!

Over the last few weeks, I've thought to myself, "I should figure out how to make a magnetic bookmark bouquet!" I struggled with the idea for a few weeks and finally came up with the best way to make it just in time to discuss the concept on Young Adult Edition.
Since the idea seemed to garner so much interest, I thought I'd do a full tutorial for how I made mine! So, here goes!
Supplies you'll need:
  • Sand (I got mine from Dollar Tree)
  • Cute vase or mug
  • Some skewers (make sure you get skewers not "dowels" as the dowels I saw at Dollar Tree will likely be way too thick, so the bookmarks won't close over them)
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Magnetic bookmarks of your choosing (for this tutorial I used our Wine and Book Genre sets)

Supplies needed for Magnetic Bookmark Bouquet

From there the steps are pretty simple!
Step One: 
Gather supplies and remove any tag/sticker/sticky stuff from the bottom of your cute vase. I know this seems like a silly step to list, but trust me you don't want to realize there is an ugly dollar store price tag on the bottom of your adorable gift only AFTER you put the sand in it.
Step Two:
Open your sand with scissors, and pour the desired amount into the vase. You probably want to fill the vase so it's only a quarter or less empty because when you go to arrange the bookmarks in the vase you'll want to be able to layer them at different heights.
Step Three:
Now, set that aside someplace safe and grab your skewers, and double-sided tape.

Step Four:
Cut yourself a piece of tape that will go all the way around the top of the skewer at least once. About an inch should suffice, no need to get excessive with the tape.

Step Five:
Wrap the tape just around the very top of the skewer. The width of the tape should be plenty to provide a sticky surface to keep the bookmarks mounted to it.
Step Six:
Lay the skewers on the open bookmark with the sticky end inside the bookmark, and then clip the bookmark over them.
Note: For many of mine I used two skewers to hold them up because it just makes them stay better. But you can use one if you choose.

Step Seven:
 Here's the fun part! Start arranging!
For mine, I decided to put the Better Together Bookmark with the cute little saying facing out.
Remember to cut your skewers at varying heights if you go so that you can layer the bookmarks.
And if you don't like the way the skewers look, and would rather them be colored, feel free to paint them! Just remember to let them dry thoroughly before you start constructing your bouquet.
If you aren't feeling using a vase, use a coffee mug, or apply the same method to create adorable plant decorations!
You've made a magnetic bookmark bouquet, now what?
If you're someone who collects magnetic bookmarks, this is a fun and adorable way to display them. Instead of keeping them stored away in a box where you can only enjoy them when they're in use.
Or, they make great gifts! Have a book lover in your life? Not sure what to get them? Order a full collection of our magnetic bookmarks, and make them a bouquet that won't die and they can use over and over again. It's even better if you give them a bouquet and a gift card to their favorite bookstore or coffee shop.
Psst... a Magnetic Bookmark bouquet would also be an excellent gift for an author to celebrate their book launch! If you're interested in commissioning personalized designs for such a gift, please visit our commission page.
Not sure where to start? Here are some of our collections to check out!