Custom Couples/"Shipper" Design
Custom Couples/"Shipper" Design

Custom Couples/"Shipper" Design

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If you would like to order a custom "shipper"/couples style design please select this item. By selecting this item you are ONLY paying for our artist to produce the artwork which we will then turn into LitNerd products for you. 

This item is for a couples or "shipper" design which will feature two characters or persons together with a watercolor background cropped into a circle. The back of items created with these designs will not feature the backs of the persons or characters just the watercolor background.  

If you would like to add additional characters or persons to this design work you will have to do so by adding the item "additional characters" to your cart as well. 

Once you have ordered a custom item, our artist will be in touch with you to begin the process of creating your custom design (so please provide us with an accurate email contact at checkout). This will require that you send us photos of any persons or characters you would like included in your design, and photos of whatever clothing and or accessories you would like added as details. During this time we will also request any text you would like included on your design (front or back), if we have your permission to post samples of the design on our social media platforms, and if you are an author if you would like for us to sell these items in our shop. 

You will receive a preliminary sketch of your design shortly thereafter, THIS is when you can make any necessary changes to the characters/persons. After this step, the only changes that can be made will be changes in colors, and you will only be given one round of changes. Please note that when choosing colors blacks will be turned into grays so that they print better, and most colors will print a little darker than they appear on the screen. 

After the design has been lined, colored, and shaded, you will then be sent another email with a watermarked draft inside. This is when you can make changes to colors, and give us your final approval. Once you have approved your design we will begin to make your products, after this point, there will be no changing anything about the design. 

If you are an author and would like for us to sell your custom made items in our shop, please provide us with social media channels, a website, and your amazon link so that we can provide our buyers with information on how to find you. 


Thank you for shopping with us!


Please note: we have the right to refuse a commission, and refund you if we feel that your request violates intellectual property rights, or contains disturbing images such as excessive gore or nudity