Wine Mirror

Wine Mirror

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- This listing is for one button style pocket mirror please contact us if you would like to make a bulk order -

Some things just go better together, like wine cheese and bread! So if you love all of these things, LitNerd's "Better Together" mirror is for you! They are perfect to slip into your purse so that you can check that your glasses are on straight, and that your messy bun isn't too much of a mess while on the go. 

These mirrors also make great gifts! For birthdays, graduations, bridesmaids, and yes, even as wedding favors. If you would like to make a bulk order (that's 5+) please contact us for details. 

Each handmade mirror is approximately 3.5inch in diameter. 

Please do not put pins in the dishwasher. If necessary wipe with damp cloth, and let dry.

Note: colors may look different in person due to screen resolution and/or brightness